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Hijab perfume

Hijab perfume
Something fragrant is heading your way..
"Awaken Your Senses"
Hijab Spray is back! The packaging has been updated, the fragrance is "fundamentally the same". Our exclusive line of hijab perfume is back in stock and they have gone through a total makeover. With the newly designed bottles, our hijab perfume range is looking better than ever, you'll love them even more. Select the scent you want based on your personality. 

If you're a glamour-puss and love the finer things in life, try the GLAM, it has a luxurious scent aptly called Dark Kiss, an opulent and passionate fragrance that will appeal to bold and sophisticated ladies.

LUSH would appeal to girls looking for a warm and musky scent.If you have a strong personality and is not afraid to stand out, LUSH  is your scent of choice. It has an Olay fragrance that has fresh, oriental and floral top notes which are further enhanced by an earthy amber aroma.

If sweet, demure and nice are the words you use to describe your personality, CHIC would fit you perfectly. It has a fragrance called Princess, soft, floral notes that are heavenly and delightful, like a field of flowers in the summer. 

For lovers of crisp and fruity scents, GRACE is the one for you. It features a fresh velvety fragrance called Avocado. A green and grassy aroma that is suitable for girls craving for a delicious and delicate scent.

It is compact and small enough to fit in your purse. Carry it with you anywhere, smell great no matter what the occasion. The hijab perfume is very affordable and best yet. it is made in Malaysia!  Now, you will not only look amazing but you will smell fantastic too!

Glam / Lush / Chic / Grace : RM 10 each bottle (Semenanjung Malaysia),
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