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Hajar is a square hijab and it has a unique feature that we are debuting in this collection. Although all the embellishments are located on the back of the hijab, Hajar can be styled in a certain way so the detailing can be actually worn on the front. This is a new and innovative way to wear a square hijab, where the embellishments are on the front instead of the back.
Hajar showcased a design that is bold and classic. It is a square shawl embellished with an assortment of Xirius Silk crystals, white pearls and Xillion crystals. This is the first time that we're using Xirius Silk crystals in our design. The crystals are scattered all across the back of the hijab, which is an exquisite way to add a touch of glam to such a demure design. The silhouette is maybe a little conventional but Hajar's simple elegance has huge appeal and will be a favourite for years to come.
Made from wool chiffon, Hajar is easy to wear and style, it also has an opaque quality that keeps the wearer well covered. If you prefer a fuss-free look with no frills, Hajar is the perfect option for you.
Collection : Hajar
Type : Square Hijab (Bawal)
Price : 
Semenanjung Malaysia – RM 73
Material: Wool Chiffon
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