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Flamingo & Tropical

Flamingo & Tropical
Let's Flamingle with Fun Flamingos!
Flamingos are the season's hottest fashion motif, with its striking pink hue and distinctive shape, the tropical bird has recently been popping out everywhere, on instagram feeds, beauty products, pool parties, accessories as well as fashion runways. We even feature these brightly-feathered birdie in our latest satin scarf design. 

We believe in gifts that give back, which is why we are collaborating with the National Cancer Society Malaysia ( NCSM ) on our Flamingo Collection. When you purchase a piece from our Flamingo Collection, you will not only receive a fabulous scarf that will make you look and feel amazing, but you are also contributing to a worthy cause. 

Satin scarves have never gone out of style which is why we are releasing two new collections of this much-loved accessory. Both our collections incorporate elements from nature in their designs, the Tropical collection features fern prints in three delightful shades while the Flamingo collection offers a geometrical flamingo pattern in a choice of three colours.

Flamingos are aesthetically beautiful and majestic in nature, their regal and soft qualities are the reasons they are ideal symbols for generosity and kindness. Every time you wear your Naelofar Flamingo scarf, you will be reminded of how your simple gesture is making a difference to someone's life, it will make you treasure the piece even more. Better yet, gift it to someone that you care about. The collection makes the perfect gift because each scarf will come in an adorable ombre-hued box embossed with cute pink flamingos.

The collection is available in three wonderful colours,
Green Envy, Pretty Pink and Dim Grey.

Green Envy is vivid and bold, a lovely shade of jade that will match well with soft pastels. Pretty Pink prompts you to embrace your playful and flirtatious side, its a colour that evokes romance, providing a summery glow that will complement all skin tones. Dim Gray is timeless, it's a colour that transcends any age, it can be worn by a wide range of women, paired with a traditional costume or a modern ensemble for a look that will stand the test of time.

Tropical collection will be available in Sweet Pink, Enchanted Forest and Alpine Green.
Sweet Pink is a warm and inviting colour that will add a sense of innocence to any ensemble. Enchanted Forest is a gorgeous shade of grey with hints of blush, a perfect neutral option that will match well with a multitude of colours. Alpine Green showcases a fresh viridescent hue that will brighten up and enhance an outfit, making it an ideal choice in any setting, day or night. 

Your purchase goes to helping those in need because for every Flamingo Scarf sold, RM2 will be donated to the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM). 
Collection : Naelofar Flamingo Scarf
Official Hashtag : #flamingobyNH #naelofarscarf
Type : Square Scarf
Price : RM 75 (Semenanjung Malaysia)
Material : Printed Satin Scarf
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