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Let Iris be your new best friend!

Adding textured fabrics into your ensemble is a great way to perk up a dull or boring outfit. They add more dimension and character to transform a look from ordinary to EXTRA-ordinary.

In our latest collection, we feature designs made with Chiffon Swiss, a sheer cotton fabric embroidered with three-dimensional polka dots. The fabric is extremely fluid and synonymous with summer, which is why it was the ideal choice for our two newest designs, the fabulous Fiona and incredible Iris.

Iris is the name of the mythical Greek goddess of the rainbow, an ethereal and youthful entity that inspired this lovely design. If you're a simple, fuss-free type of girl, Iris should be an instant piece for you to consider. it's a slip-on hijab with a contrasting band, curved hems and double layers. The band is made from a stretchy wool material in a muted denim colour while the rest of the design is made using the ever versatile Chiffon Swiss.

You can get ready in seconds with the Iris, no more dilly-dallying and stressful prepping sessions, just put it on, pin it under the chin and you're out the door!

This demure piece will match wonderfully with any garment of your choice. It's unassuming and wholesome, a delightful design that will flatter and compliment you in any occasion.

Collection : Iris
Type : Instant
Material : Swiss Chiffon
Price : RM 59 (SM)
RM 61 (SS)

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