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Pretty Lady

Pretty Lady
Treat your mum with NH Mother's Day Collection!

We celebrate the unbreakable bond between a mother and daughter by launching yet more collections especially for Mother's Day. Our Mother's Day Collections are making a worthy comeback, stronger and better than before.

 Our Mother's Day collections include four spectacular options, two for your mother and two for you, each one interchangeable so you can share or swap styles with your mum whenever you like. Sharing styles can be an awesome bonding activity for you and your mum, strengthening your ties so the two of you can be closer than ever.
Daughters are in for a treat too, with two charming designs that work as ideal partners for their maternal counterparts. A daughter is the prettiest when she shows absolute unconditional love to her mother. When a daughter appreciates everything that her mum has done for her, she is clearly one classy lady, hence the name Pretty Lady for this superb collection.
Pretty Lady offers two instant hijabs with overlapping layers, long modest hems and wonderful draping for daughters looking for suitable designs to match their moms'. The two colours in the collection are Misty Rose and Baby Blue. 

Misty Rose has a floral print in blushing pink while Baby Blue replicates it in a soft cornflower shade. The designs are great worn with plain tops or billowy dresses and you'll look absolutely fab wearing either one. Create unforgettable memories this Mother's Day, bring your mum out for a fancy lunch or dinner and surprise her with our Mother's Day collection, show your appreciation and pamper her, it's the least you could for all the sacrifices that she's made for you.

Type : 
AVAILABLE in 2 colors : 
Baby Blue and Misty Rose
Price :
SM : RM 85
SS : RM 87
SGD / BND 43
Material :
Korean Chiffon Printed 
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