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Neelofa Edition

Neelofa Edition
For the birthday collection this year, we’re taking things a little bit more personal by presenting a monogram collection titled Neelofa Edition to celebrate Neelofa’s sweet 30.

For this collection we have three different designs of monogram and color. Each color represents different story which reflects her journey in life; categorized by personal, her career in the entertainment industry and also in business.

This collection is limited edition and personalized by Neelofa herself. The colors are carefully selected to suit all Asian skin tones. This collection is a limited edition and available in square hijab and shawl.
Type: Shawl and Square
Material: Satin Silk
Color: Black & White, Mauve & Multicolor
Price: RM89 (Semenanjung Malaysia)
RM91 (Sabah & Sarawak)
SGD / BND: $45 (Singapore & Brunei)

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